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I have been an embroidery and textile artist for about 20 years. My first works were following patterns and learning simple ideas. About eight years ago I decided that these were all very nice, but it would be even better to use my painting and design skills to "draw" my own designs and interpret them.

My career and other leisure choices centred around the natural environment, hence this is where I draw most of my inspiration. Therefore my works are a celebration of beautiful things: plants, small creatures, juxtaposition of glorious colours!

In June 2016 I took advantage when in London on holiday to take a class at the Royal School of Needlework at the beautiful Hampton Court Palace (photo). Expect to see some glorious goldwork in my gallery later.

​I have recently retired and my time is taken up with my garden, painting and embroidery plus  voluntary work for the Art Society and Embroidery guild.  I live in a modest house with a million-dollar view of the Hutt Valley.

Ace of Clubs: goldwork piece created for Upper

Hutt Bridge Club (2019)

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